Arizona Law Alumni Photograph Collection


Arizona Law Alumni Photograph Collection


Law Schools--Alumni and Alumnae-Arizona


A collection of digitized Arizona Law alumni photographs. The majority of this collection was digitized in 2014.


Digitized by: Daniel F. Cracchiolo Law Library, James E. Rogers College of Law, University of Arizona


University of Arizona Law Library


For non-commercial educational or personal use only. All other rights reserved.

Collection Items

Gordon G. Aldrich
Portrait of Gordon G. Aldrich. (Class of 1944) Black & white, glossy

Richard Bacharach
Richard Bacharach (Class of 1938) Black & white, matte

Lewis A. Bell
Lewis A. Bell (Class of 1941) Black & white, matte

Elmer C. Coker
Elmer C. Coker (Class of 1934) Black and white, matte

Combs, Christopher A.
Chris Combs. Maricopa County Bar Association Secretary (Class of 1968) Black & white, matte

Conner, Charles E.
Charles E. Conner (Class of 1938) Black & white, matte

Alex M. Conovaloff
Alex M. Conovaloff (Class of 1940) Black & white, matte

Copins, Hyman
Hyman Copins (Class of 1927) Black & white, matte. Hyman Cupinsky name changed to H. Copins class of 1927.

Z. Simpson Cox
Z. Simpson Cox (Class of 1938) Black & white

William H. Daily
William H. Daily (Class of 1942) Black & white, glossy
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