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Supreme Court Wisdom Series Collection: Matthew J. Moutafis Artist Proofs


The Supreme Court Wisdom Series Collection contains scanned images of original, colored artists proofs created by Matthew J. Moutafis. The prints measure 19” x 24 ½.” According to Moutafis, they were created in the early 1980’s and inspired by a review and study of United States Supreme Court cases. A select group of actual quotations from the legal judgments were chosen by Moutafis to illustrate. The artist was so moved during the process that he wanted to provide a visual voice to the spoken word.

These proofs were gifted to the James E. Rogers College of Law in February 2018. In his donation letter, Moutafis wrote the following: The highest Court of our country is the guardian of our constitution and laws. By word or decree, the equilibrium of our nations legal stability is being checked and expanded upon by present and future Supreme Court judges. My graphic interpretation of their words ring true today as much as they did originally in the 1980’s. I believe this series is actually more important today … now more than ever.

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