Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1864


Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1864
Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona : Session begun on the twenty-sixth day of september,
and ended on the tenth day of November, 1864, at Prescott


Session laws--Arizona


ORDER OF ACTS -- 1. Authorizing the Appointment of a Commissioner to report a Code of Laws -- 2. For the Benefit of John G. Capron -- 3. Declaring Certain Routes as a County Road in the Territory of Arizona -- 4. For the benefit of Elliott Coues -- 6. Empowering the Governor to Appoint a Commissioner to Draft a Map of the Territory -- 6. To Incorporate the Arizona Central Road Company -- 7. Granting the Exclusive Right to Samuel Todd and his Associates and Successors, to maintain and keep a Ferry across the Colorado River at Mojave -- 8. Incorporating the Castle Dome Railroad Company -- 9. To Incorporate the Tucson, Poso Verde, and Libertad Road Company -- 10. To Incorporate the Santa Maria Wagon Road Company -- 11. To Incorporate the Mojave and Prescott Toll-Road Company -- 12. To Provide for Stay of Legal Proceedings on Foreign Indebtedness -- 13. Granting the Exclusive Right to William D. Bradshaw and his Associates to maintain and keep a Ferry across the Colorado River at La Paz -- 14. To Incorporate the Hualapai Mining, Smelting, and Assaying Company -- 15. To Authorize the Secretary of the Territory to appoint an Assistant -- 16. Concerning Grants and Deeds for Lands -- 17. To Authorize Probate Judges to appoint a Term of Court for Civil Business -- 18. To Incorporate the Arizona Historical Society -- 19. To Appropriate Money for the Aid of Public Schools -- 20. To Divorce Mary Catharine Mounce from the Bonds of Matrimony -- 21. Authorizing a Loan on the Faith and Credit of the Territory to Inaugurate and Pay the Expenses of a Campaign against the Apache Indians -- 22. Authorizing tho Raising of Rangers -- 23. Relating to Interest -- 24. In Regard to County Recorders -- 25. Of Money of Account -- 26. Authorizing Certain Officers to exercise the Powers of Notaries Public -- 27. Concerning Possessory Rights in Public Lands -- 28. In Regard to Printing -- 29. Allowing Persons in the Military Service to Vote at Elections -- 30. Allowing Persons in the Military Service of the United States and of this Territory to hold Mining Claims -- 31.: Creating a Seal for the Territory of Arizona -- 32. Relating to the Publication of Legal Notices -- 33. To Provide for the Payment of Certain Expenses incurred in the late Indian Campaign under Lieut.-Colonel King S. Woolsey -- 34. To Incorporate the Arizona Railway Company -- 35. Incorporating the Prescott, Walnut Grove, and Pima Road Company -- 36. To Provide for the Contingent Expenses of the Territorial Government -- 37. Amendatory to Chapter Fifty-Seven of the Code, entitled "Of Fees of Officers" -- 38. Declaring the Time when Chapter Fifty-Nine of the Code, entitled "Of the Prohibition of Gambling," shall take effect. -- 39. To Incorporate the PreEcott and Fort Wingate Road Company -- 40. To Provide for the Civil Expenses of the Territorial Government -- ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Providing Payment for Enrolling Bills -- 2. To Purchase Books for the Territorial Library -- 3. Instructions to the Honorable Charles. D. Poston, concerning Arms and Mail Routes with Postal Service -- 4. Instructing the Honorable Charles D. Poston to urge the Congress of the United States to appoint Commissioners to Survey and Establish the Boundary Line between Nevada, Utah, and Colorado Territories and Arizona -- 5. Relative to the Territorial Arms and Ammunition -- 6 Authorizing the Governor to sell the Territorial Arms -- 7. Providing Additional Compensation for the Secretary of the Council, Clerk of the House of Representatives, and their Assistants -- 8. Appointing a Translator and Interpreter, who shall act as a Commissioner to publish the Laws required to be published in the Spanish language -- 9. To give effect to Chapter Twenty-three of the Code, entitled "Of Education" -- 10. Providing for Printing the Lectures of the Honorable W. Claude Jones, on the Resources of Arizona -- 11. Empowering the Governor of the Territory to make Necessary Corrections in the Phraseology aud Wording of the Code of Laws -- 12. Relative to Publishing a Compendium of the Laws of the Territory in Spanish -- 13. Tendering Thanks to the Honorable Charles D. Poston, Superintendent of Indian Affairs -- 14. Tendering Thanks to Lieutenant-Colonel Nelson H. Davis, Inspector-General of the Department of New Mexico -- 15. Tendering Thanks to His Excellency John N. Goodwin, Governor of the Territory -- 16. Tendering Thanks to the Honorable Richard C. McCormick, Secretary of the Territory -- 17. Tendering Thanks to Lieutenant-Colonel King S. Woolsey and his Men -- 18. Tendering Thanks to Captain T. T. Tidball, Fifth Infantry, California Volunteers -- 19. Relative to Sylvester Mowry -- 20. Tendering Thanks to the Honorable William T. Howell, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and Commissioner to Report a Code of Laws; also Providing that said Code shall, in respect to the Author thereof be known as "The Howell Code" -- 21. Empowering the Governor of the Territory to change certain Bills -- ORDER OF MEMORIALS -- 1. Asking that the Tract of Land in the Bend of the Colorado River opposite Fort Yuma be attached to the Territory of Arizona -- 2. Asking an Increase per diem for Members of the Legislative Assembly, and an Increase of the Salaries of the Territorial Officers -- 3. Asking an Appropriation of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars for placing Indians of the Colorado on a Reservation -- 4. Asking an Appropriation of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars in aid of the War against the Apaches -- 5. Asking an Appropriation of One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars for the Improvement of the Navigation of the Colorado River


Arizona--Legislative Assembly


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Session Laws of Arizona Territory


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