Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1865


Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1865
Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the Second Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona : Session begun on the sixth day and ended on the thirteenth day of December, A.D. 1865, at Prescott


Session laws--Arizona


ORDER OF ACTS -- 1. Creating the County of Pah-Ute -- 2. Convening a Special Term of the Supreme Court 20 -- 3. Repealing "An Act to provide for stay of Legal Proceedings on Foreign Indebtedness," approved November 6th, 1864 -- 4. Fixing the Fees of all public officers in Currency, and providing for the punishment of violation thereof -- 5. Legalizing certain acknowledgments of Deeds and other official acts of C. W. C. Rowell -- 6. Amendatory of "An Act incorporating the Castle Dome Railroad Company," approved November 3d, 1864 -- 7. Legalizing the official acts of certain county officers -- 8. Conferring certain jurisdiction on Justices of the Peace -- 9. Creating a Board of Supervisors in the several counties of the Territory -- 10. To incorporate the Prescott and Lynx Creek Toll Road Company -- 11. To empower the County Recorder of Yavapai County to transcribe certain Records -- 12. Granting leave of absence to the County Recorder of Yavapai County -- 13. Amendatory of "An Act to incorporate the Mohave and Prescott Toll Road Company, approved November 3d, 1864 -- 14. Concerning Bonds and Duo Bills -- 15. Of. Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes -- 16. For securing Liens to Mechanics, Laborers, and others -- 17. Granting leave of absence to the Territorial Treasurer -- 18. Repealing "An Act authorizing a Loan, on the faith and credit of the Territory, to inaugurate and pay the expenses of a Campaign against the Apache Indians, approved November 7th, 1864 -- 19. Of Placer Mines and Mining -- 20. To incorporate the Mowry Silver Mine Road Company -- 21. Conferring jurisdiction of all Mining Cases in the District Court -- 22. To incorporate the La Paz and Prescott Railway Company -- 23. To fix the time of holding the Terms of the Supreme and District Courts -- 24. Defining the time when certain acts shall take effect -- AMENDMENTS TO THE HOWELL CODE -- 25. Amendatory of Chapter 14, Howell Code, Of the Legislature -- 26. Amendatory of Chapter 6, Howell Code, Of County Treasurers 27. Amendatory of Chapter 33, Howell Code, Of Finance and Taxation -- 28. Amendatory of Chapter 11, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Criminal Cases -- 29. Amendatory of Chapter 40, Howell Code, Of Notaries Public -- 30. Amendatory of Chapter 41, Howell Code, Of Habeas Corpus 31. Amendatory of Chapter 38, Howell Code, Of Attorneys and Counselors at Law -- 32. Amendatory of Chapter 17, Howell Code, Of Territorial Treasurer -- 33. Amendatory of Chapter 10, Howell Code, Of Crimes and Punishments -- 34. Amendatory of Chapter 35, Howell Code, Of Limitation of Actions -- 35-39. Amendatory of Chapter 48, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Civil Cases -- 40. Amendatory of Chapter 33, Howell Code, Of Finance and Taxation -- 41. Amendatory of Bill of Rights, Howell Code -- 42. Amendatory of Chapter 30-32, Howell Code, Chapters 30, 31, and 32, 0f Marriages, Of the Rights of Married Women, Of Divorce, and repealing Chapter 27, Of Estates in Dower -- ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Asking that the boundary lines between California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona, be fixed -- 2. Empowering Ron. Coles Bashford, Attorney General, to collect the value of certain Territorial arms and ammunition -- 3. Authorizing Ron. Richard C. McCormick, Secretary and Acting Governor, to procure law books for the Territorial Library -- 4. Authorizing the Territorial Librarian to secure a suitable room for the safe keeping of the Territorial Library -- 5. Regarding the Death of Abraham Lincoln -- 6. Regarding National Affairs -- 7. Expressing views in regard to the position assumed by Ron. Charles D. Poston, as against Ron. John N. Goodwin, Delegate elect to Congress from Arizona -- 8. Tendering thanks to Hon. Richard C. McCormick, Secretary and Acting Governor of the Territory -- 9. Tendering thanks to Samuel Adams and Captain Thomas Trueworthy -- 10. Appointing a Translator and Interpreter -- 11. Instructing the Enrolling Committees -- 12. Appointing a Territorial Printer -- ORDER OF MEMORIALS -- 1. Asking Congress for an Appropriation to improve the Navigation of the Colorado River -- 2. Asking Congress to give certain lands to build a Railway in the Territory -- 3. Asking' Congress that the tract of land in the bend of the Colorado River, opposite Fort Yuma, be attached to the Territory -- 4. Asking Congress to extend to the Territories the benefit of the Act of Congress, approved July 2d, 1862, in reference to the Agricultural and Mechanics' Colleges -- 5. Asking Congress that the Territory of Arizona be set apart as a separate Land District, that the office of Surveyor General be created, and for a survey of the Public Lands of the Territory -- 6. Asking Congress that a Reservation for the Yavapai, Pah-Ute, and Hualapai Indians, and for the friendly Apaches, be fixed upon the Lower Gila; and that the military force in the Territory be increased -- APPENDIX -- 1. Organic Act of Arizona -- 2. New Mexico, with the Amendments thereto


Arizona--Legislative Assembly


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Session Laws of Arizona Territory


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