Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1867


Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1867
Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the Fourth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona : Session begun on the fourth day of September, and ended on the seventh day of October, A.D. 1867, at Prescott


Session laws--Arizona


ORDER OF ACTS -- 1. To divorce James M. Williams -- 2. To punish vagrants, vagabonds and suspicious persons -- 3. To authorize Sheriffs to employ convicts at some kind of labor -- 4. To prevent and punish the sale of liquor to Indians -- 5. To provide for the segregation of Mining Claims -- 6. To prevent the improper use of Deadly Weapons -- 7. Authorizing the Supervisors of Yavapai County to levy a Special Tax to purchase Ground and erect a Jail -- 8. For the Removal of the County Seat of Pah-Ute County -- 9. Permitting certain Agricultural Products to be sold without License -- 10. Amendatory of "An Act Concerning Escheated Estates," approved October 27, 1866 -- 11. For the Relief of the County Recorder of Yavapai County -- 12. To permanently locate the Capital or Seat of Government of the Territory -- 13. To establish the terms of the Supreme Court, and of the District Court of Yuma County -- 14. Concerning County Treasurers, County Collectors, and Boards of Supervisors -- 15. Of Public Administrators -- 16. Defining the time for the qualification of certain officers -- 17. Providing for certain necessary Territorial expenses -- 18. Authorizing the construction of Wells on Desert Roads -- 19. Concerning the Territorial Indebtedness -- 20. Concerning Common Schools -- 21. To repeal an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the segregation of Mining Claims," approved November 5, 1866 38 -- AMENDMENTS TO THE HOWELL CODE -- 22. Amendatory of Chapter 29, Howell Code, Of Probate Courts -- 23. Amendatory of Chapter 40, Howell Code, Of Notaries Public -- 24. Amendatory of Chapter 52, Howell Code, Of the Incorporation of Villages -- 25. Amendatory of "An Act amendatory of Chapter 33, Howell Code, Of Finances and Taxation," approved December 30, 1865 -- 26. Amendatory of Chapter 48, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Civil Cases -- 27. Amendatory of Chapter 10, Howell Code, Of Crimes and Punishments -- 28. Amendatory of Chapter 11, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Criminal Cases -- 29. Amendatory of "An Act amendatory of Chapter 6, Howell Code, Of County Treasurers," approved December 30, 1865 -- 30. Repealing Section 17, Chapter 14, Howell Code, Of the Legislature -- 31. Amendatory of Section 16, Chapter 14, Howell Code, Of the Legislature -- ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Regarding the Territorial Library -- 2. Authorizing a settlement with William S. Oury -- 3. Asking that the Territory be removed from under the command of General McDowell, and made a separate Military Department -- 4. Regarding the offices of United States Marshal and District Attorney -- 5. Regarding Ron. Richard C. McCormick, Governor of the Territory -- 6. Regarding Ron. James P. T. Carter, Secretary of the Territory -- ORDER OF MEMORIALS -- 1. Asking that the Governor be authorized to raise a regiment of Volunteers -- 2. Asking an increase in the jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace -- 3. Asking a change in the Customs Revenue District -- 4. Regarding Pah-Ute County -- 5. Asking the Secretary of the Treasury to allow certain expenditures made by the Territory -- 6. Asking an increase in the pay of the members and officers of the Legislature -- 7. Asking the construction of Military roads -- 8. Asking that Quartermasters be authorized to purchase certain supplies in open market


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Session Laws of Arizona Territory


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