Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1868


Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1868
Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the Fifth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona : Session begun on the tenth day of November, and ended on the sixteenth day of December, A.D. 1868, at Tucson


Session laws--Arizona


"ORDER OF ACTS -- 1. Extending the time for the collection of taxes in Pima County -- 2. To repeal chapter XIX Howell Code, "Of the Territorial Paper" -- 3. Granting leave of absence to the Recorder of Pima county -- 4. Defining the time when certain acts shall take effect -- 5. To repeal section 18 of an act creating the office of District Attorney -- 6. To permanently locate the Territorial prison -- 7. Amendatory of chapter XLV, Howell Code, "Of District Courts" -- 8. To repeal sixth clause of section 4, chapter LVII, Howell Code, "Of Jurors" -- 9. Regulating the fees "Of Jurors" -- 10. Creating the office of County Surveyor -- 11. To license Dance Houses -- 12. Providing a salary for the District Attorney of Yuma County -- 13. Concerning Public Highways or Streets -- 14. For the relief of the Territorial Librarian -- 15. To enforce the collection of the Territorial Revenue -- 16. Concerning Executors, Administrators and their sureties -- 17. Regarding Territorial Bonds and Warrants -- 18. Creaing the office of Attorney General -- 19. Regarding Weights and Measures -- 20. To amend Section 17, Chapter XXIII, Howell Code, "Of Education" -- 21. To prevent the sale of arms and ammunition to Indians -- 22. To amend Section 4, Chapter XXXIII, Howell Code, "Of Finance and Taxation" -- 23. Fixing the compensation to be allowed to the Sheriffs of the several counties for the performance of their duties as ex-officio County Assessors -- 24. To repeal Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9, of "An Act concerning the Territorial Indebtedness" -- 25. Fixing the time for holding the District Court for the Second Judicial District in the County of Mohave -- 26. For the relief of Foreign Corporations doing business in the
Territory -- 27. Concerning the Territorial Treasurer, the County Treasurers, and Clerks of Boards of Supervisors -- 28. Providing penalties for refusal to perform duty; neglect of duty and malfeasance in office by certain county officers -- 29. Amendatory of Chapter 57, Howell Code, "Of the Fees of Officers -- 30. To establish Public Schools in the Territory -- JOINT RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Asking a mail route from Tucson to Wickenburg via camp Grant, Florence, Camp McDowell and Phoenix; also that semi-weekly service be put on the route from Prescott to Albuquerque -- 2. Recommending the establishment of a United States Depository in Tucson -- 3. Repealing Section 2, of Joint Resolution regarding the Territorial Library (approved Oct., 1, 1867.) -- 4. Instructing the officials of Yuma County to assess all the property within the limits of that county as defined in Section 1, Chapter 11, Howell Code -- 5. Providing for the payment of current and contingent expenses of the Territory for 1869 -- CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Regarding memorials of previous legislatures -- 2. Regarding Artesian Wells -- 3. Asking a daily Mail Service on the route from La Mesilla, New Mexico, to Los Angeles, California -- 4. Regarding Governor McCormick -- MEMORIALS -- 1. Asking an appropriation for Capitol buildings, Dec 9 -- 2. Asking that the commanding officers of the various Military posts in the Territory, be given authority to furnish arms ammunition, and rations to citizens under certain conditions -- 3. Asking an extension of the time allotted for the accumulation of a
fund to build the Territorial prison -- 4. Asking the establishment of a mail route from Tucson to Sasabi Flat -- 5. Asking an appropriation for a Territorial Library -- 6. Asking an appropriation to codify the Territorial laws -- 7. Asking that a Surveyor General be appointed for the Land District of Arizona, and for an appropriation for Surveys"


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Session Laws of Arizona Territory


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