Compiled Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1864-1871


Compiled Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1864-1871
The compiled laws of the Territory of Arizona, including the Howell code and the session laws from 1864 to 1871, inclusive : to which is prefixed the Constitution of the United States, the mining law of the United States, and the organic acts of the Territory of Arizona and New Mexico


Law--New Mexico
Mining law--United States


ORDER OF THE COMPILED LAW -- Constitution of the United States -- Organic Act of Arizona -- Organic Act of New Mexico -- United States Mining Law -- Bill of Rights -- I. Of the Construction, Publication, and Distribution of Statutes -- II. Of the Formation and Rights of Counties -- III. Of Sheriffs -- IV. Of Coroners -- V. Of County Recorders -- VI. Of County Treasurers -- VII. Of Justices of the Peace -- VIII. Of Constables -- IX. Of the Local Administration of Counties -- X. Of Crin1es and Punishments -- XI. Of Proceedings in Criminal Cases -- XII. Of Jails and Prisons, and the Confinement of Persons therein -- XIII. Of the Executive Department of the Governor -- XIV. Of the Legislature -- XV. Of the Secretary of the Territory -- XVI. Of the Attorney-General -- XVII.Of the Territorial Treasurer -- XVIII. Of the Territorial Reporter -- XIX. Of District Attorney -- XX. Of the Board of Territorial Auditors -- XXI. Of the Militia -- XXII. Of Vacancies, Resignations, and Removals from Office -- XXIII. Of Education -- XXIV. Of General and Special Elections -- XXV. Of Official Oaths and Bonds -- XXVI. Of Title to Real Property by Descent -- XXVII. Of Lien of Mechanics and others -- XXVIII. Of Wills -- XXIX. Of Probate Courts -- XXX. Of Marriages -- XXXI. Of Divorce -- XXXII. Of the Rights of Married Women -- XXXIII. Of Revenue -- XXXIV. Of the Distribution, Custody and Application of the Public Moneys -- XXXV. Of the Limitation of Actions -- XXXVI. Of Fraudulent Conveyances and Contracts -- XXXVII. Of Exemptions of Real Estate and Personal Property -- XXXVIII. Of Attorneys and Counselors at Law -- XXXIX. Of Commissioners of Deeds in other States and Territories -- XL. Of Notaries Public -- XLI. Of Habeas Corpus -- XLII. Of Conveyances -- XLIII. Of Forcible Entry and Detainer -- XLIV. Of Judicial Districts, Assignment of Judges, and Terms of Court -- XLV. Of Courts of Justice in general and their Jurisdiction -- XLVI. - Of Clerks of the Supreme and District Courts -- XLvII. Of Jurors -- XL VIII. Of Proceedings in Civil Cases -- XLIX. Of License Tax -- L. Of Mines -- LI. Of General Incorporations -- LII. Of the Incorporation of Villages -- LIII. Of Electric Telegraphs -- LIV. Of the Liability for causing Death by Wrongful Act, Neglect, or Default -- LV. Of Acequias, or Irrigating Canals -- LVI. Of Support of Poor Persons -- LVII. Of Fees of Officers -- LVIII. Of Offices and Officers -- LIX. Of Prohibition of Gambling -- LX. 0f Estray Animals -- LXI. Of Miscellane ous Provisions -- LXII. Of Grants and Deeds of Lands -- LXIII. Of Possessory Rights in Public Lands -- LXIV. Of Money of Account -- LXV. Of Interest -- LXVI. Of Contingent Expenses -- LXVII. Of Arizona Historical Society -- LXVIII. Of creating a Seal for the Territory of Arizona -- LXIX. Of Bonds and Due Bills -- LXX. Of Bills of Exchange, etc -- LXXI. Of Roads and Highways -- LXXII. Of Transferring General to Special Fund -- LXXIII. Of Expenses of Arizona Territory -- LXXIV. Of Escheated Estates -- LXXV. Of the Capital of Arizona Territory -- LXXVI. Of the Construction of Wells on Desert Roads -- LXXVII. Of Public Administrator -- LXXVIII. Of Territorial Indebtedness -- LXXIX. Of Territorial Bonds and Warrants -- LXXX. Of Tenitorial Treasurer -- LXXXI. Of Public Highways in towns, etc -- LXXXII. Of Agricultural Products of Colorado River -- LXXXIII. Of Weights and Measures -- LXXXIV. Of Collection of Revenue -- LXXXV. Of County Surveyor -- LXXXVI. Of Witnesses -- LXXXVII. Of Insane Persons -- LXXXVIII. Of Liability of Pawnbrokers, etc -- LXXXIX. Of Town Sites -- XC. Of Toll Roads, Bridges and Ferries -- XCI. Of Marks and Brands -- XCII. Of Personal Mortgages -- XCIII. Of Commencement and Terms of Office -- XCIV. Of Revision and Printing of the Laws -- XCV. Of Civil Expenses of the Territorial Government




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Compiled Laws of Arizona Territory


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