Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1866


Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1866
Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the Third Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona : Session begun on the third day of October, and ended on the sixth day of November, A.D. 1866, at Prescott


Session laws--Arizona


ORDER OF ACTS -- 1. Extending time for collection of taxes in Yuma County -- 2. Declaring certain routes County Roads -- 3. Providing for permanent location of seat of justice of Mohave County -- 4. Transferring a special fund to the General Fund -- 5. Creating the office of District Attorney -- 6. Concerning Escheated Estates -- 7. Creating office of Territorial Auditor -- 8. To provide for expenses of Arizona Territory -- 9. Defining time when certain Acts shall take effect -- 10. Fixing the Salary of the Territorial Treasurer -- 11. Authorizing the Board of Supervisors of Pima County to pay the Assessor for taking the Census in the year 1866 -- 12. To change the time of holding the District Courts in the counties of Pima, Mohave and Pah-Ute -- 13. Providing for the location and registration of Mines and Mineral Deposits, and for other purposes -- 14. To provide for the segregation of Mining Claims -- 15. Regarding Warrants -- 16. Respecting the Reports or Returns of Officers -- 17. Of General Incorporations -- 18. Concerning Roads and Highways -- 19. Authorizing the Supervisors of Yavapai County to levy a special tax for raising funds to purchase grounds and erect a jail -- 20. To provide for the civil expenses of the Territorial Government -- 21. Amendatory of Chapter 25, Howell Code, Of Official Oaths and Bonds -- 22. Repealing Sec. 7, Chapter 34, Howell Code, Of the Distribution, Custody, and Application of Public Moneys -- 23. Amendatory of Chapter 24, Howell Code, Of General and Special Elections -- 24. Repealing Chapter 16, Howell Code, Of the Attorney General -- 25. Amendatory of Chapter 33, Howell Code, Of Finance and Taxation -- 26. Supplementary to Chapter 49, Howell Code, Of License Tax -- 27. Supplementary to Sec. 9, Chapter 57, Howell Code, Of Fees of Officers -- 28. Amendatory of Chapter 48, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Civil Cases -- 29. Amendatory of Chapter 14, Howell Code, Of the Legislature -- 30. Amendatory of Chapter 48, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Civil Cases -- 31. Supplementary to Chapter 35, Howell Code, Of the Limitation of Actions -- 32. Amendat'y Sec. 121, Chapter 48, Howell Code, Of Proceedings in Civil Cases -- 33. Amendat'y Sec. 121, Chapter 33, Howell Code, Of Finance and Taxation -- 34. Amendat'y Sec. 121, Chapter 49, Howell Code, Of License Tax -- ORDER OF RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Authorizing the Attorney General to settle with William S. Oury -- 2. With reference to Franchise and Charters -- 3. Regarding the Mail from San Bernardino, via Hardyville, to Prescott -- 4. Thanking the Arizona Volunteers -- 5. Regarding the Navigation of the Colorado River -- 6. Regarding Hon. Richard C. McCormick, Governor of the Territory -- 7. Regarding Hon. James P. T. Carter, Secretary of the Territory -- 8. Tendering Thanks to Hon. John N. Goodwin, Delegate in Congress -- 9. Thanking Rev. Charles M. Blake -- ORDER OF MEMORIALS -- 1. Regarding Pah-Ute County -- 2. Regarding Mail Routes -- 3. Regarding Southern Pacific Railroad -- 4. Regarding Site of Town of Prescott -- 5. Regarding Change in Organic Act of New Mexico


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Session Laws of Arizona Territory


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