Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1871


Session Laws of the Territory of Arizona, 1871
Acts, Resolutions and Memorials adopted by the Sixth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona : Session begun on the eleventh day of January, and ended on the twentieth day of February, A.D. 1871, at Tucson


Session laws--Arizona


ORDER OF ACTS -- 1. To amend section 6 of act creating a Board of Supervisors in the several counties of the Territory -- 2. Relating to the separate property of married women -- 3. To divorce Olive P. Turney from Daniel G. Turney -- 4. Concerning Attorneys -- 5. Extending time for collecting taxes in Mohave County for t year 1870 -- 6. To Change the county seat of Yuma county -- 7. Concerning the punishment of crime -- 8. For the protection of the rights of persons prosecuted for crime -- 9. Fixing the terms for holding the District Courts -- 10. To repeal section 14 of chapter 10, Howell Code, "Of Crimes and Punishments" -- 11. Concerning Witnesses -- 12. Fixing compensation of the members of the Legislative Assembly, and certain officers of each branch thereof -- 13. Concerning Constables -- 14. To confer additional powers upon the Board of Supervisors and the Treasurer of Yavapai county -- 15. To divorce Loreta A. Hewitt from Francis Hewitt -- 16. Relating to Justices of the Peace and their Jurisdiction -- 17. To amend act amendatory of chapter 29, Howell Code "Of Probate Courts" -- 18. To amend sections 59 and 60, chapter 10, Howell Code, "Of Crimes and Punishments" -- 19. In relation to personal mortgages in certain cases -- 20. To define the duties and liabilities of pawnbrokers and pledgees -- 21. To amend sections 3, 4, 15, 16, 29, 39 and 40, and to repeal section 41 of act to amend and re-enact chapter 52, Howell Code, "Of the Incorporation of Villages -- 22. To amend chapter 29, Howell Code, "Of Probate Courts" -- 23. To amend chapters 47 and 11, Howell Code, "Of Jurors," and "Of Proceedings in Criminal Cases" -- 24. To provide for appointment of Commissioners of Deeds for other States and Territories, and to repeal chapter 39, Howell Code -- 25. Fixing time for meeting of the Legislative Assembly for the Territory -- 26. To divorce Mary H. Nash from James H. Nash -- 27. To amend section 3 of act creating office of Public Administrator -- 28. Providing salary for Probate Judges -- 29. To change name of Francisco Luges to John Solomon Warner -- 30. To amend act granting rights to William D. Bradshaw and associates to maintain ferry across Colorado river -- 31. Creating the county of Maricopa -- 32. Concerning the collection of taxes in the Territory -- 33. Concerning payment of District Attorney of Yuma county, and the associate counsel, for prosecuting tax suits -- 34. Relating to town sites -- 35. Fixing the time for holding the general election for the Territory -- 36. Concerning divorces -- 37. To amend section 6, of chapter 12, Howell Code, "Of Jails and Prisons, and the confinement of persons therein" --38. To amend section 14, chapter 2, Howell Code, "Of the formation and rights of counties" -- 39. Providing for insane persons -- 40. To authorize the compilation and publication of information to promote immigration -- 41. To establish the terms of the Supreme Court -- 42. To establish public schools in the Territory -- 43. To amend sections 2, 3 and 4, chapter 12, Howell Code, "Of Jails and Prisons, and the confinement of persons therein" -- 44. Concerning marks and brands -- 45. Appropriating money for printing report of joint committee of Legislative Assembly in relation to Indian outrages, etc -- 46. Providing for holding District Courts in Maricopa County -- 47. Fixing the apportionment for members of the Legislative Assembly, and providing for taking a census of the Territory -- 48. To appropriate money for educational purposes -- 49. To amend chapter 34, Howell Code, "Of the distribution, custody and application of the public moneys" -- 50. To provide revenue for the Territory, and the several counties thereof -- 51. To provide for consrtucting and maintaining toll-roads, bridges and ferries in Arizona Territory -- 52. To provide for the location, construction and maintenance of public roads in the Territory -- 53. To amend section 6, of the act amendatory of chapters 31 and 32, Howell Code, "Of marriages; of the rights of married women;" "Of divorces;" and repealing chapter 27, "Of estates of dower" -- 54. To provide for the civil expenses of the Territorial government -- 55. Amending chapter 49, Howell Code, "Of license tax" -- 56. Fixing the commencement, terms, time and expiration of certain Territorial and county officers -- 57. To provide for the revision and printing of the laws -- JOINT RESOLUTIONS -- 1. Concerning the distribution of Territorial arms -- 2. Authorizing the Secretary of the Territory to collect and adjust certain claims against the United States, and in favor of Arizona Territory -- 3. Of instruction to Hon. R. C. McCormick concerning a semi-weekly mail from San Bernardino, California, to Prescott, Arizona Territory -- 4. Appropriating sixty dollars to pay John H. Purcell for making copies of House Bill No. 51, "An act to provide revenue for the territory, and the several counties thereof" -- 5. Asking the Secretary of the Interior to commence the building of the Territorial prison -- MEMORIALS -- 1. Asking the Congress of the United States to allow the claim of M. B. Duffield, late U.S. Marshal for the Territory of Arizona -- 2. Asking the Congress of the United States for protection from hostile Indians -- 3. Asking for a modification of the excise laws


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Session Laws of Arizona Territory


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